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Barbara-Ann Rieck

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Barbara-Ann Rieck

Regie, Schauspiel, Theaterpädagogik, Dramaturgie, Presse


Staatsangehörigkeit EU-Bürger
Führerschein L , C1E , C1 , BE , B , AM
Augenfarbe grau-blau
Rollenalter von 38 bis 60
Geburtsort Ulm/Donau
Größe 168
Haarfarbe braun
Konfektionsgröße 40
Schuhgröße 38
WohnmöglichkeitBerlin, Hamburg, Köln, Halle, Rostock, Paris, Strasbourg, New York


Barbara-Ann Rieck
Duisburger Straße 5
10707 Berlin

Tel: 0049-30-88676894
Mobil: 0049-170-1832992
E-mail: bar.rieck@gmx.net

lives and works since 1998 with husband and child in Berlin

About myself:

I’ m a qualified, versatile journalist and theatre maker with a profound professional experience in an international and European context. For nearly 25 years now, I have been successfully working for theatres, the media and artists in different functions, such as newspaper writer, editorial journalist, head/member of the editorial department, project/production manager, actress, assistant director, filmmaker, dramatic adviser or media and communication coach. In spite of the diversity the main focus of my work has always been the culture sector, with a special emphasis on theatre, which is, what my heart is beating for.

How it all began:

In 1976/77 I was granted a scholarship at Emma Willard, a private High School in Troy, New York, where I acquired the American High School Diploma. This is how I became fluent in written and spoken English. After having studied History and French Literature in Hamburg and Paris (Sorbonne) I started working as a journalist. Most important: my permanent employment at arte, the European Culture Channel in Strasbourg/France (this is how I became fluent in written and spoken French), which led to a profound understanding of the inner structures of European institutions. I was hired as a member of the editorial department of theatre, music and dance and became deputy head of the Department later. For six years my main task consisted in supervising and accompanying all the steps of the process of filmmaking (choice of plays, creation of documentaries about artists, translation of subtitles, presentation and promotion of TV-theatre events on arte) in a challenging european and bilungual institution. I wouldn’t have wanted to miss this unique experience, which deepened my knowledge of the French, German and English theatre and media landscape and sort of prepared the ground for all the other jobs to come: I became a filmmaker myself, wrote theatre critics for newspapers, was in charge of the arte-magazine „Metropolis“, worked as a writer and editorial journalist for a monthly publication of the Freie Universität Berlin).

Other occupations which might be relevant for you:

I’ve been working as a consultant and manager of cultural affairs for the permanent representation of Hamburg in the capital of Germany, so I’m also familiar with political conventions and protocol. During my job as an editorial journalist for the internet company dock11.com I’ve been writing and editing texts in English and German. My tasks for the platform culturebase.net – an international artist database of the House of World Cultures I’ve been collaborating with – were similar. Another important chapter in my professional career was my collaboration with the theatre director Thomas Langhoff at the Deutsches Theater in Berlin. I’ve accomplished trainings in theatre pedagogy, performance and improvisation and been teaching at German high schools. About two years ago I had the opportunity to act on stage myself: during the independant theatre production „Zu dieser Zeit“ at the Acud theatre Berlin I played the role of Balthasar. In 2012 I finished a training as a communication coach (Martin Sage method) and am currently supporting two artists as a media coach.

My creative energy and my ability to quickly understand and evaluate ongoing developments enables me to analyse complex information within a short space of time and take effective decisions. I am confident that my knowledge and experience in combination with my communication skills would be a valuable asset to every project.

I proved this again in 2013 working as a PR and Communication Officer for the European Theatre Convention (ETC) at the Deutsches Theater in Berlin. My tasks were the assurance of international media coverage during the ETC Spring Theatre Tour 2013 from Stuttgart to Zabreb, the writing and sending out of press releases n three languages (English, French, German), the following up of the tour by regular information of press, ETC members and tour participants in various European countries, the publishing of information about the tour (Highlights of the Day, Daily Diaries, images and titles)
on the ETC website and the establishment of an international press revue after the end of the tour.

Direktlink zu diesem Profil: https://www.theapolis.de/Barbara-AnnRieck


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