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Warschau Internationale Casting Vorsingen - 22-25 Juni 2017


NYIOP is excited to announce that our annual European summer casting session is back and this year will be held in one of the world’s most exciting and thriving cities for opera, today!

Warsaw International Casting Audition - June 23-25, 2017
hosted by the Teatr Wielki in Warsaw, Poland

This session promises to be the “icing on the cake” for what has been the most successful NYIOP season in almost a decade!

Our panel of International Casting Directors scheduled to attend includes representatives from the following opera houses:

- The Metropolitan Opera
- Canadian Opera Company
- Houston Grand Opera
- Bolshoi Opera
- Theater Basel
- Staatstheater Klagenfurt
- Zaterdag Matinee
- Theater Erfurt
- Teatr Wielki

Additionally, we are in the process of negotiating with two additional A-list houses and two more German theaters that would make this one of the greatest NYIOP sessions, ever!

(list of houses is subject to change)

NYIOP Casting Auditions offer:

Efficiency – priced at 350 Euros, artists save thousands of Euros off the cost of travel and hotel expenses of a conventional audition tour as well as all of the time saved.

Inclusivity – unmanaged artists as well as managed artists are both welcome and are served on a first come, first served basis. There is no preferential treatment.

Exposure – you will be heard by some of the most influential casting personnel in the world today in one place at one time.

Accessibility – once you have registered you are guaranteed to be heard by the entire panel in attendance. There is NO prescreening or vetting for NYIOP auditions

Opportunity – NYIOP has been responsible for launching the international careers of countless singers over our 15 years in the business, many of whom had no management, whatsoever. Many singers have found management as a result of our sessions, as well.

Employment – Take a moment to go to our NYIOP Facebook Pageto see just some of the many engagements (more are under current negotiations) from this past season alone and to read some of the glowing reviews from fellow singers.

Reliable Casting Information – all roles being cast will be posted on the NYIOP website, as they become available.

Online registration is open NOW at www.nyiop.com!

Registration Deadline is 31 May 2017

Please go to www.nyiop.com for the most up to date information

Direktlink zu diesem Inserat: https://www.theapolis.de/nyiopwarsaw