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Once upon a time, in the white town by the lake in Norway, Julie Hall was born and raised, and lived a childhood in sunshine. The big dream was to become a Disney Princess, but neither the family nor the teachers would advice such a career. Julie's first performance as a singer was in the back of a car, tightly strapped to the car seat, as every two year old should, but still the unmistaken melody of Mustang Sally, made the family's heads turn. Throughout her childhood Julie never missed an opportunity to sing, and bared her teeth every year on her schools singing contests. At the age of thirteen she started taking lessons from an opera singer, and joined the town's girls choir, that held amazing Christmas concerts in candlelit churches. Next step was the Gymnasium - Gjøvik Videregående, with three years of music and song studies. There she fell in love, and threw herself into the unbreakable relationship to musical theatre. The year after, she went into the woods, to a school of Revue and Musicals. This was a time without facts, numbers and homework, and Julie's creativity bloomed. She painted, knit, drew, sang, danced, laughed and found her passion for writing, especially humorous revue-texts. This she brought to the next musical school, Bårdar Akademiet in Oslo, and onwards to her big dream - Balettakademien Göteborg, in Sweden. There she was well taught in Musical Theatre acting, singing, and jazz, ballet and tap dance. During these three years, she appeared in productions like Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream", the revue musical "I love you, you're perfect, now change", and as the role of "Val" in the dance musical of 1975 "A Chorus Line". After the education, with three years of intense work of speaking fluently Swedish, Julie took her piano, her clothes and her dream to Berlin. Here she lives happily, loving the magnitude and the cultural diversity, enjoying life as a free musician, dancing, learning, filling her days with love and music. During the last two summers, Julie was working in several shows as a singer and dancer for the AIDA Cruises, enjoying singing under different parts of the world sky every night. ​ Next up is the Rod Stewart tribute show, Mr. Rod, where Julie will work as one of the three singers of this colourful rock show. During the summer Julie will be singing and dancing in the musical "Cats" in the Luisenberg Festspiel Wunsiedel, also doing the role of "Grizabella".

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— 28. September 2017