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Road Technology Days 2018 - Queen of Synergy - Aswintha Vermeulen
Road Technology Days 2018 - Queen of Synergy - Aswintha Vermeulen
Road Technology Days 2018 - Queen of Synergy - Aswintha Vermeulen
Road technology days 2018 - Queen of Synergy - Aswintha Vermeulen
Aswintha Vermeulen - Lead Singer - Ladies Only Festival
Aswintha Vermeulen - Evil Queen - Globe
Aswintha Vermeulen - Globe
Aswintha Vermeulen - Globe
Aswintha Vermeulen - I put a spell on you
Headshot Aswintha Vermeulen
Aswintha - I put a spell on you ©Aswintha Vermeulen
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Wiedersehn' - Aswintha Vermeulen
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Burning Love - Aswintha Vermeulen
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Gravity (1st half as a balad, 2nd half up tempo funk)

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"Aswintha Vermeulen: Theatre animal" Those who know Aswintha would undoubtedly find that a fitting description. Anything relating to music, acting or dance makes her heart race and that affection has shown to be contagious to those around her. 

 Aswintha's family home has always been overflowing with music. Even from a young age her mother would take her to all sorts of shows and thus she plunged into a world of fascination.
 When at the age of nine she started singing at the Schola Cantorum and became part of the choir in the 'Mattheus Passion' with Het Brabants Orkest, that little flame of passion quickly turned into a blazing fire! 

In the culture and arts class of Sint Joris College (Secondary or High school, which prepares students for theatre studies) she became involved with Stichting Theaterplan (Theatreplan Foundation), where at the age of fifteen she sang in her first musical: 'Hair'. This is where she discovered how important acting is for singers and what it really does to you. After attending the Tilburgse MusicAllFactory she went on to do a preparatory program at the Tilburg conservatory. "Cum Laude" After studying Musical Theatre for two and a half years Aswintha dived into the professional world. For a whole season she participated in a number of musical productions in Germany with the highlight being 'The Ocean Queen' in the biggest multimedia spectacle of Europe: 'Mysteria'. This experience showed her how important it was to resume her studies. She decided to do this at the conservatory in Utrecht, where she was accepted on to the course Classical singing.
 In the mean time she continued playing roles in operettas and operas like 'The Mikado'.
 She finished her conservatory study Cum Laude. "Sailing the seven seas Aswintha sang in seventeen shows.." The day after her exams she left for Hamburg. From there she set sail for the seven seas with AIDA cruises and over nine months sang in seventeen shows. Once she returned to Germany she performed the role of Grete Minde in the opera 'Grete Minde' for a month in Berlin. Aswintha's heart lies partly in classical singing. This genre forms the base of the many styles with which she delivers top-class professional performances. Acting and dancing are inseparably linked to that. Aswintha's strength is her versatility, her specialty being singing. One moment you can see her in a pop show, the next in an opera and then again in a play. 
In the last couple of years Aswintha was featured in "Waterloo Reloaded", the Christmas show “Ein Musikalischer Weinachtsmarkt” and "Let's Celebrate E.P." in the Globe Theatre in Europa Park, Germany. Also she has been working as a lead singer for Celebrity Cruises. Currently she is reviving her role in "Let's Celebrate E.P." In the Netherlands she works as a singer for 'Close Act Theatre' among other things. Aswintha: "This is how I like it best: there is too much beautiful art to only focus on one aspect."

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On Your Feet (Stage Entertainment Netherlands) - Swing 

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